What Open Source Means to Social Media

I read this segment earlier this morning from ReadWriteWeb:

Open source is the natural platform for fast-evolving social media and social networking. Forget about having to scale the walled gardens of social networks or having to upload, download, and link together multiple applications. With open source, everything is seamless and transparent. Picture a huge festive dinner table, set with dozens of mouth-watering dishes for you and your guests to pick from. You can heap whatever you like on your plate or, better yet, just dab your bread into whatever dish your please, all while seeing what others are putting on their plate and seeing whether they’re using a fork or a spoon and hearing the conversation around the table.

But with all of these capabilities and openness, people will face new challenges on the Web. One big challenge will be to make the Web more personal and make it possible to simulate live interaction.

What does open source mean to you and your initiatives?

What Open Source Means to Social Media
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One Response to “What Open Source Means to Social Media”

  1. Wow, this is an interesting take on “open source” and some really random statements in my opinion. What makes open source the “natural platform” for fast-evolving social media apps? Is it because the tools (depending on what this person is referring to) are free to download, use, customize, etc. because you have the source code? Also, what do they mean by not having to “link together multiple applications”? Because you still do.

    For instance, if I wanted a blog combined with a portal combined with a CRM tool and all with “open source” tools, I’d have to program a connection between say WordPress with something like Joomla and feeding in leads into a SugarCRM implementation. So, there is A LOT of work to be done to utilize social media tools to build these “applications.”

    Now, all I’ve ever used is “open source” apps and tools and they’ve all required my knowledge of PHP/MySQL/Linux/Apache in order to make them work, BUT if you CAN work with these system (have the skills and knowledge) then you most certainly can pump out new tools/apps/platforms relatively quickly!

    So, to answer the original question: open source has always played into every one of my business initiatives because my core focus is using the Internet to form connections (in sales, networks, biz opps, etc.) I love the fact that I can take a tool that is 80% of what I already need and then code in the remaining 20% just to create a rough version of my idea and immediately get it out there testing. It saves time, saves money, but IS NOT as easy as you would think!

    So, yes, “open source” is something to be excited about, but usually for those of us that know what it is, how to work with it, and better yet how to manipulate the code to build what we really want!

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