US Government to give everyone their own webpage?

As more and more Americans flock online to find information, should the US Government should give everyone their own webpage as they are contemplating this in the UK.

After reading a recent article on Softpedia – UK Government to Give Everyone Their Own Web Page, the Prime Minister states that the government plans to have broadband available to 100 percent of the British people by 2020. A much more interesting proposition, though certainly not one without its detractors, is the move to have as many government services online as possible.

The idea is to enable UK citizens to go online for all of their needs, things like apply for schools, get a new passport, pay council tax or even register a car. Further down the line, UK citizens will each get their own unique identifiers and web pages. The government believes this will save up quite a lot of money by closing down plenty of offices. Critics claim that the last thing the UK needs in this economy is more people losing their jobs.

Would this work in the United States?

US Government to give everyone their own webpage?
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