US Facebook Users By Age

Inside Facebook points out that:

Facebook users still skew young, with younger adults being the single largest groups. The gender imbalance is still the same, with nearly 56% of users people who designate a gender self-identifying as female. Out of this mix, women between 18 and 25 and men between 35 and 44 racked up the two largest numerical gains.

Now with over 50% of the social network user-base between 18-34 year’s old, I’m interested to hear how this affect’s your approach to Facebook?

US Facebook Users By Age
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  1. Hey Roy, thanks for sharing the chart! Not sure if you saw this, but Mashable had a nice graphic the other day. Thought you’d be interested in checking it out:

  2. Roy says:

    Hey Jackie – thanks for the comment/link.

  3. [...] the young. As of January 2010, only 40% of Facebook’s users are under 26. As of April, nearly 40% are over 35. While the learning curve may be steeper for adults less familiar with technology, the draw to [...]

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