Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists allow you to seamlessly blend your social experience on Twitter and assist in organizing the flow of information, giving us further insight into our friends/followers/fans. With more than 50% of the current twitter user base having access to lists, future feature roll outs will soon follow with the ability to give descriptions to lists, added elements of customization and discovery tools.

Twitter Lists will give additional insight into gauging the popularity/authority/reputation when discovering new users. With this new metric of measurement 3rd party sites have already begun to popup. An early leader utilizing the Twitter List API is Listorious: “The Directory Of Awesome Lists On Twitter”. Created by Sawhorse Media in New York City, Listorious makes it easy to find the best lists of Twitter users on any given topic.

I am interested to hear where you think the evolution of Twitter Lists will take us, and how you plan to use them.

Twitter Lists
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2 Responses to “Twitter Lists”

  1. Thanks.what a lengthy and in depth article but full of useful information

  2. Accidia says:

    It’s a good way to know some more people with something in common with you, so thats why you are in the same list than him!


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