Tweetons powers instant rewards and contests on Twitter

Last year I blogged about a new twitter contest software application that could be used by individuals or agencies. This year a new, simplistic application has been created called: Tweetons

A key to any successful Twitter strategy is to gain interested followers, but this is often the hardest thing to do. Deals, discounts and prizes for your Twitter followers is one way to get them interested in you.  Twitter has even recently launched their @earlybird account to capitalize in the surge of interest in deals. Rewarding tweeters who spread your message to their followers, either instantaneously or by entering them into a contest when they’ve mentioned your phrase, is made easier with Tweetons. Tweetons provides all the tools that you need in order to monitor customize your promotions.  It even provides a great dashboard to monitor all the statistics.

Tweetons has been used by a variety of companies and below are a couple of examples of how you might use their platform to manage your promotions:

1) Contests. With Tweetons you start by specifying the phrase that you want to track users mentioning. It’s good to create contests that are simple and easy to participate in, such as asking users to follow you and then to retweet a specific phrase.  Alternatively, have them enter a unique hashtag that mentions your brand in their tweet. After you’ve set-up your campaign, you want to make sure that you promote it on your website, blog, facebook page, etc. in order to gain as much visibility as possible. Make sure to publicly acknowledge your winners, as this will bring a lot of good will and personalization to your twitter account.

2) Instant rewards.  One of the great things about Twitter is the ability to interact with customers in real-time. Some restaurants have created campaigns that instantly send users discounts and coupons when the restaurant’s Twitter profile is mentioned. Tweetons provides you with the ability to track when your business is mentioned and instantly send customers your message, which can also include relevant information such as happy hour times and your special of the day.


  • Powers sweepstakes and instant campaigns
  • Allows you to auto follow anyone who’s mentioned your phrase
  • Requires users to follow you in order to win
  • Budgets for number of rewards
  • Allows you to set the probability of winning
  • Gives you the ability to specify start and end dates for contests
  • Provides automated responses to winners, losers, and all participants
  • Allows you to control how frequently someone is able to enter the contest
Tweetons powers instant rewards and contests on Twitter
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  1. Lynn says:

    Great! Thanks. So much easier than Facebook. I am going to try it out after reading this.

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