Top 10 Social Networking Websites – A Year Later

What a difference a year makes.

If you look at what the Top 10 Social Networking Websites at this time last year were, you’ll notice Myspace still having a 20% share of the marketplace. A year later they are scrapping for traffic and survival in the social media space.

Top 10 Social Networking Websites – 2009

Top 10 Social Networking Websites – 2010

Top 10 Social Networking Websites – A Year Later
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11 Responses to “Top 10 Social Networking Websites – A Year Later”

  1. Sam says:

    Wow… I’m not sure about calling YouTube a social network but even still, crazy how much changes in a year on the internets!

  2. Roy says:

    True; Amazing how fast things move online these days.

  3. Arthur says:

    I work in the ad industry and social media is huge portion of our work. A lot changes in a year but more surprising than that is the fact that I have to keep updating myself on new social media products and beta formats. It is a fast paced world on the internet and to keep up, you have to keep a close eye on everything.

  4. Roy,

    your link on the Amex site is whacked… I hand copied & pasted to get here. Thanks for the Visual. Great stuff. How will w depict Alliances? Thinking the Bing/Facebook/Skype Alliance is much bigger than just looking at Facebook per se. The synergies of course will be seen with increasing penetration of Facebook and time share. If anything I think the chart will tilt heavier toward FB this time next year…

    best regards,
    Josepf Haslam
    Catalyst for Change – bring passion to your business & get results!

  5. Roy says:

    Arthur, couldn’t agree more – it’s a fast moving industry and we all struggle to keep pace.

    Josepf, thanks for making it here finally :) Alliances are a key factor in todays current position; I think were all looking forward to seeing what’s ahead for 2011.

  6. Karen says:

    I don’t know that these stats do Twitter justice. So much of the power of Twitter doesn’t have anything to do with site visits. I might actually go to the site once every two weeks, but I’m using Twitter every day. I think LinkedIn might suffer from a similar fate.

  7. Roy says:

    I agree Karen, there is something to be said for use of 3rd party apps to these networks. I’m researching 3rd party app usage on social networks in hopes of publishing soon. Thanks for commenting.

  8. DrNeen says:

    @Sam, i believe YouTube is a social network because you can friend people, build a list, share videos, send messages to people and build a community inside of your YouTube account. You can also use keywords to find people and topics as well as distribute information. Google ranks your videos and that gives you more exposure. You can have multiple YouTube accounts, one for each product. If you visit my website, you can read my ebooks guiding people how to create an internet presence without needing a website if they utilize YouTube.

  9. Suraj Nair says:

    This is very interesting data. I’m not surprised that Youtube ranks #2, my personal experience has been that Youtube has the best educational as well as commercial content / resource that you can find online.

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