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The growth that Facebook has achieved in under 7 years has been incredible and to think that there are now more than half a billion users, is impressive to say the least. When we think of Facebook we typically think of users based in the United States (narcissistic, I know), but the growth of this top social networking site has been a global phenomenon.

Facebook’s current user base is more than 1.6 times the size of the entire US population. You’ve all heard by now that “If Facebook were a country, it’d be second only to China and India” but when you take a look at the Facebook economy, today’s valuation of the social network is over $10 billion dollars.

Top 10 Countries on Facebook

top 10 countries on Facebook 2010

From Pingdom:

Since we don’t have actual user numbers and demographics from Facebook itself (only Facebook has those), we looked at per-country traffic estimates to The result is quite interesting. (We used data from Google Ad Planner, which provides traffic stats for a large number of sites.)

Facebook’s international expansion is well under way, and it’s arguably the largest and most wide-spread social network that ever existed. As Facebook grows on a global level, the current US dominance of the social network will gradually diminish and become more similar to the general distribution of Internet users.

  • The United States alone accounts for almost 24% of Facebook’s users.
  • The United States has 4.6 times as many Facebook users as the second-largest country on Facebook, the United Kingdom.
  • The top 10 countries on Facebook account for almost 58% of its users.
Top 10 Countries on Facebook
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