The State of Global Crowdfunding

Global Crowdfunding is already an established, multi-billion-dollar industry and is growing fast. Faster than any of us expected. It is already providing a new eFunding escalator independent of, yet interconnected with, traditional funding sources supporting startups and business growth and creating jobs.

As Dr. Joe Cox, the Principle Investigator of Crowdfunding at the University of Portsmouth UK, has put it “This report is truly the first of it’s kind and offers a hugely valuable insight into the emerging patterns and trends of global Crowdfunding activity”.

So far we have tracked and analyzed over 75,000 Crowdfunds worldwide. This is just the beginning but means we have the data to quantify and track its size and rates of growth for the first time.

What’s more we have created a new resource, and new tools, for all those involved in Crowdfunding as well as those supporting them and studying the fast growing phenomenon. Not to mention professionals, governments and regulators around the world who need answers to pressing questions.

Top Crowdfunding Stats For Q1 2014:

  • Rewards Based Crowdfunding has grown 140% during Q1 2014
  • Equity Based Crowdfunding has grown 391% during Q1 2014
  • Global Reward Crowdfunding Raised $124 Million during Q1 2014
  • Global Reward Crowdfunding Pledged $156 Million during Q1 2014
  • Over 400 Rewards Based Crowdfunding Campaigns are launched everyday.
  • Worldwide Crowdfunding is currently doubling 10x faster, every two months.
  • Over $60,000 an hour is raised using Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Infographic

global crowdfunding stats infographic

The State of Global Crowdfunding
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