Storytelling in Sand

This morning I was completely captivated by the storytelling of this woman; Kseniya Simonova – Winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent.

The next Susan Boyle may have come from the Ukraine. Kseniya Simonova is not a singer. Instead she is an amazing artist and storyteller. Her means of conveying a story is not with words, but by running her hands through the sand.

Kseniya Simonova is a sand animator, who was the winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent for 2009. More than 14 million viewers have seen her YouTube video of the moving depiction of the Nazi invasion of Ukraine during World War II.

There is something very hypnotic about watching her fingers flying over the sand, creating then destroying images, morphing one image skillfully into another and telling a story with her fingers and the sand.

Learn more about Kseniya Simonova here.

How are you telling your stories online?

Storytelling in Sand
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5 Responses to “Storytelling in Sand”

  1. I saw this a few months back and I myself was totally captivated. It’s amazing to see what one can do with a “platform” that no one ever thinks about. I mean, we create sand castles… not sand stories.

    There’s a lot businesses could learn from watching someone take what is already available and using it to tell their story.

    By the way… I ended up staying on here and watching it… again (4th time!)

  2. Roy says:

    So true, Brian- There are so many channels for communication available, it’s incredible to think that sand can tell a story so profound.

  3. Like Brian, I saw this recently and was spellbound. Storytelling is such a powerful form of expression.

    There’s a lesson for businesses here: If you think your company’s story is dull, dry or boring, ask yourself if you believed it was possible to tell a moving story with DIRT before you saw this video?

    All you need is a little imagination.

  4. Roy says:

    Time to build social media sand castles :)

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