Social Media Success Summit – @GaryVee Twitter Summary

Social Media Success Summit


Are you looking to grow your business for 2009 and beyond?

When I first discovered this conference they touted how to “Discover how to use social media to attract high-caliber customers and grow your business during the economic slump!” I felt the best way to attend this virtual conference over the course of the next month would be to follow to conversations via twitter search and my favorite conference/hashtag tracking software: tweetgrid.

Tonight’s Keynote by Gary Vaynerchuck: “How to Create a Mega-Following and Mega-Sales With Social Media Marketing” was no exception. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the tweet stream during the call, lots of good nuggets to implement. They are for the most part in chronological order – Enjoy!

EliskaF: Twitter search is a great way to eavesdrop and be a voice in your market.#smss09

snbaird: @GaryVee says clean out those skeletons because transparency is key!#smss09

cindyhillsey: per @garyvee authenticity and transparency are the keys to working online #SMSS09

dhutson: Facebook fan pages more important than Twitter? @garyvee #smss09

Samantaja: From Gary V. at Social Media Success Summit: You’ve gotta be massively transparent and honest in this day and age. #SMSS09

stelzner: “You’re competing against everyone in the world b/c the cost is zippo!”@GaryVee #smss09

jeffcrab: if your going to build a business build it around your passion #smss09#smss09

eweirdguy: You gotta spend time posting, reading, reviewing, and commenting on content. #smss09 #SMSS09

sj_sanders: “The people who are going to win are the ones who outwork the others and have something genuine to say” @garyvee #smss09

eweirdguy: Buy a Flip video cam and you’re in the content game. You can get better ratings than some cable shows! #smss09

marismith: “The Internet as we know it is a FIFTEEN year old product. It’s not even the beginning.” @garyvee #smss09

stelzner: “Twitter is a caveman’s club! Tweet that shit!” :) @GaryVee #smss09

jeffcrab: it’s not just pumping out information – it’s pumping out original, relevant, unique information #smss09

denisewakeman: “if you don’t care enough to answer tweets, emails, then you’re not going to win” @garyvee #smss09

riomurphy: Interact with fans, care about them, build relationships – biggest shift will be who cares more. @GaryVee #smss09

Apryl_Parcher: “The cost of Zero is Too Sexy!” @garyvee #smss09

StephCalahan: #smss09 Facebook Fan Pages are where it is at. You can build personal brand equity

marismith: “Twitter is like having a quick chat at the mailbox. Facebook is like hosting your own housewarming party.” @garyvee #smss09

jonalfredsson: “always and forever, you make money when you have eyeballs”@garyvee #smss09

jeffcrab: What do you want? Where do you want to go? Be specific. How you answer those questions determines your blueprint. #smss09

snbaird: “I don’t think there’s a need for anyone writing a resume going forward. Instead, look at their home page.” @garyvee #smss09 #SMSS09

jonalfredsson: “ is the most powerful website right now”@garyvee #smss09

Mike_Stelzner: “Pick up business by socializing online, shaking hands and paying attention to what people are saying,” says @GaryVee #smss09

AWyldfyre: Be in touch – create conversation – it’s all about communication@garyvee - “Capture Me” when I come 2 ur website #smss09

stewartb2b: “Socialize more virtually to get more clients” from @garyvee #smss09

hiddenground: “no cost and no gatekeeper to decide who is the best in a given field, if you are passionate, creative and worthy…”sez @garyvee #smss09

kagorges: “We’re on a level playing field now for brandbuilding — so it’s all about sweat equity” @garyvee #smss09

sallyfalkow: Tell the story of why you’re good. I need to know immediately why you’re different #SMSS09 @GaryVee

hiddenground: “when I go to your site you need to tell me the story of why you are good” when I click I need to know IMMEDIATELY! sez @garyvee #smss09

StephCalahan: #smss09 @garyvee – have “follow me” or “subscribe” above the fold on your site.

dhutson: @garyvee: Your home is your website. Twitter, Facebook are the vacation homes. Make sure home is GREAT #smss09

hiddenground: “your bed is your website” and it needs to be organic green and clean…twitter and fb are your vacation homes sez @garyvee #smss09

eweirdguy: Use your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and other “outposts” to bring people to your Home (aka homepage) #SMSS09

AWyldfyre: Be as generous as you can afford to be – but never apologize for trying to monetize either! @garyvee #smss09

Ginaschreck: If you are sitting on your butt watching TV instead of working to build your biz QUIT Whining when someone else is doing better! #SMSS09

eweirdguy: How are you leveraging your community? Does your community trust you? Have you taken the time to build relationships? #SMSS09

liajen: “If you’re not collecting data in your home base you’re crazy” @GaryVee#smss09

eweirdguy: Are you in a dialogue or a monologue? #SMSS09

RiverwoodWriter: “Have true relationships — not just one more business maneuver.” @garyvee #SMSS09

oneicity: “The biggest thing people make mistakes with is capturing at home base.”@garyvee #smss09

MichaelRoach: “Too many people have over 10,000 followers and think they’re big shit.” @GaryVee #smss09

marismith: “People need to aim HIGH, REAL HIGH.” @garyvee #smss09 [VERY TRUE - love this!!!]

VAStateParks: “Press releases are dead” @GaryVee #SMSS09

liajen: “Biggest thing I want to teach companies is that they don’t control their message.” @GaryVee #smss09

ryanwynia: care centers/customer service folks are your FRONT LINES of your brand. #smss09

jeffcrab: You need to build a brand that can tell your story – that’s your web site. Then you have to go shake hands – that’s Twitter #smss09

employerbrander: Co’s need to keep every customer/brand touch point in mind. Social media is not the end all be all. You need an integrated strategy #smss09

hiddenground: “the way brands will tell their stories will soon be so different in the future” Gary Vee looks 5 years to the future..#smss09 #eco #green

Spinzley: ‘Window Shopping’ is now ‘Window Clicking’. ‘Brick & Mortar Shops’ are now ’1′s & 0′s’. Brands should fear complacency, not change! #smss09

victorthu: RT @ljcsc @garyvee … Press releases just need to be 140 characters or less ;) #SMSS09

Ginaschreck: @Garyvee words of wisdom – love your fam- quit watching crap on TV- follow intuition – follow passion and WORK HARD on it! #SMSS09

Social Media Success Summit – @GaryVee Twitter Summary
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