Social Media Success Summit – Guy Kawasaki Keynote #SMSS10

2010 social media success summit

Guy Kawasaki Keynote

Last year was my first exposure to the Social Media Success Summit Virtual Conference and I must say it was well worth it. This year I wanted to continue posting the keynote tweets from other marketers who were in attendance.

Guy is the co-founder of Alltop, a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures (an early-stage venture capital firm) and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple. Guy is the author of nine books including Reality Check, The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way.

Are you using Twitter to promote your business? Are you looking to create a large and raving fan base? If you answered ‘yes,’ you need to listen carefully to Guy Kawasaki. Guy is an entrepreneur, the co-founder of Alltop and has 218,000 Twitter followers. In this session guy revealed how he uses Twitter as a marketing super weapon and shared some of his tricks and tips. He’ll also gave a guided tour of how major brands use Twitter.

Tonight’s keynote by Kawasaki: “How to use Twitter as a marketing super weapon” was captivating indeed. Here are some of my favorite tweet crumbs from the stream during the call, I tried to keep them in chronological order. If you attended I would love to her your thoughts on the presentation.

If you are new to social media marketing, make sure to follow the rest of this conference here:

  • birdbanter: Guy Kawasaki giving Keynote: Using Twitter as a Marketing Weapon. #SMSS10
  • davethackeray: #SMSS10 – quit Tweeting about your cat rolling over and Starbucks queues and focus on power of Twitter search.
  • jenniferwindrum: @guykawasaki wasn’t a believer in Twitter right away…thought tweets were “crap.” #smss10
  • shinng: If your initial reaction to Twitter isn’t “Wtf”, something’s wrong #smss10 @GuyKawasaki
  • BillSheridan: @GuyKawasaki: The Twitter light went on for him when he first started using search. #SMSS10
  • davethackeray: You can use Boolean search terms at New one on me… Doh moment #1 at #SMSS10.
  • Apryl_Parcher: “Search is a GREAT use of Twitter…monitor what people are saying about you or your brand,( or competition)”
  • danielklotz: Why do pros teaching small biz people about social media always use huge international brands as examples? #SMSS10
  • TrippBraden: Connecting through twitter makes a experience unique for your best clients #SMSS10
  • TrippBraden: Stories still make a huge difference in twitter universe #SMSS10
  • GloriaRand: Want to see good examples of engagement on Twitter? Check out @CleverAccounts #smss10
  • davethackeray: #SMSS10 recommends following @CleverAccounts to discover how companies are using Twitter in innovative ways.
  • LaRoo: 1- monitor, 2- engage, 3-sell on twitter #smss10
  • TrippBraden: @ GuyKawasaki ask How clever is your twitter brand? #SMSS10
  • Apryl_Parcher: “@Delloutlet, with 1.6 Million followers, is a good example of how to sell on Twitter” @guykawasaki #SMSS10 (Coupons!)
  • marismith: Yes! You can influence brands to help & take action. @AlaskaAir brought me an iPhone charger at San Diego airport! #smss10
  • Mike_Stelzner: Better to have 2500 great followers that 1.6 million who dont pay attention says @GuyKawasaki #SMSS10
  • clarekelway: Quality is better than quantity on Twitter – thanks @guykawasaki #SMSS10
  • GloriaRand: @GuyKawasaki – If you monitor your competitors on Twitter and they have problems, offer their followers your solution #smss10
  • regroupinc: Great use of Twitter by @KogiBBQ – tweet where food trucks will be and customers are waiting in line before they pull up – #smss10
  • davethackeray: Megacorps using Twitter to maximum effect are in the minority. Looks like UPS need to work on their strategic alliances. #SMSS10
  • davethackeray: Geosearching on Twitter? Try using near: and within: for amazing results! Thanks Guy Kawasaki and #SMSS10
  • Mike_Stelzner: you can use Twitter to search for local topics using zip codes says @GuyKawasaki #smss10
  • therealkazia: Brand tech support on Twitter is powerful thing. Listen to your customers all over the world in real time. #smss10
  • jaythedesignguy: DUDE! make local by using near:64068 (your zip) to drill down! Thanks @GuyKawasaki #smss10
  • Intellogist: Per Guy, tweeting about brands may get you quick tech support if the company follows discussion about its brand on Twitter. #SMSS10
  • darrenlister: Twitter only matters if you have a lot of followers — via @guykawaski at #smss10
  • marismith: “It only gets interesting when you have a lot of followers. That’s why people advertise on SuperBowl.” @guykawasaki #smss10
  • darrenlister: “I use Twitter for a marketing platform…plain and simple.” — via @guykawaski at #smss10
  • Intellogist: If you want to use Twitter as a marketing platform, like Guy does, you need a lot of followers. #SMSS10
  • stelzner: “So what’s interesting? Links. People are looking for interesting stuff.” – per @guykawasaki #smss10
  • schumpert: Two kinds of interesting stuff: 1) If you’re famous and doing something or 2) Links of Interesting stuff! /by @GuyKawasaki #smss10
  • stelzner: Narrowcast your prospecting by using advanced features of Twitter search – @guykawasaki on #smss10
  • evelynso: I know @guykawasaki is plugging #alltop, but it is indeed a great content hub. :) #SMSS10
  • darrenlister: How do you find interesting links? 2) Stumbleupon — via @guykawaski at #smss10
  • danielklotz: Sharing links to goofy blog articles can amuse people, but what value does it add for anyone? #SMSS10
  • AllenVoivod: Layin’ it down! @GuyKawasaki calls people who object to using Twitter 4 marketing “Twitter Fascists” #SMSS10
  • darrenlister: How to find interesting links? 3) Smartbrief — via @guykawaski at #smss10
  • vheringer: Dont be shy, retweet your stuff!, says @GuyKawasaki #SMSS10
  • cegeland: @GuyKawasaki recommends using repeat tweets because they work #SMSS10
  • sballarino: when you use Twitter as a mkting platform and want to send out interesting links, multiple tweets is key. Think of CNN #SMSS10
  • philterstory: #smss10 @Guy Kawasaki: Repeat tweets work – schedule your tweets 4 times over the span of 24 hours
  • danielklotz: Guy Kawasaki, paraphrased: Model your Twitter style after CNN’s new cycle. #SMSS10
  • jaythedesignguy: If you blog, use to AUTOMATICALLY make blogs into tweets. #smss10
  • jaythedesignguy: @GuyKawasaki is teaching me how to be fake on Twitter. Sorry, Guy but should we be going for quality here not quantity? #smss10
  • samontheweb: spent months finding top social media tools and #smss10 gives a social media bible in less than an hour
  • SocialRabbit: #smss10 retweet the most powerful button on the internet according to @GuyKawasaki
  • darrenlister: One RT can change your life! — via @guykawasaki at #smss10
  • darrenlister: RT is the sincerest form of flattery — via @guykawasaki at #smss10
  • MariSmith: Top 100 peeps who get retweeted the most: – @guykawasaki #smss10
  • kimgusta: From @guykawasaki – the only Twitter best practice you need to know: get retweeted. #smss10
  • JanetBarclay: Tweeters should use the 90/10 rule. 90% interesting to all, 10% specific subject matter. (RT @darrenlister @birdbanter) #smss10
  • Apryl_Parcher: Try backing out from tight niche (but stay related) when looking 4 stuff 2 tweet @GuyKawasaki, #SMSS10
  • GuyKawasaki: #smsss10 This is my demo script:

Social Media Success Summit – Guy Kawasaki Keynote #SMSS10
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