Social Media Scams

Social Media Scams

One of the biggest concerns in social media is TRUST.

As social media scams continue to plague networks, it relates to identity theft, brand hijacking, privacy issues, and the opportunity social media creates for criminals to “friend” their potential victims in order to create a false sense of trust and use that against their victims in phishing or other scams.

Do you trust the link on that tweet or short URL?

A recent post from TechRadar points out that:

Some startling web-based statistics have been unearthed in a new report, which shines a light on just how corrupt parts of the internet are. According to Websence Security Labs the majority of what we see online and receive through email has links to spam and contains malicious code. In fact, 95 per cent of user generated content is generally spam or dangerous links and 85 per cent of emails sent are no more than 419 scams cunningly disguised – or not so cunning if they begin: “dear friend”.

Stat attack

In the findings, it was also noted that 71 per cent of websites which contain malicious material are legit sites which have been compromised. And of those attacks, 35 per cent will have a data-stealing code embedded.

There’s definitely a significant rise in compromised websites, with Websence Security Labs reporting that there has been a 225% rise in dangerous websites, when comparing the second half of 2009 to the second half of 2008.

Friends; David Kyle of Planet Search exposed the iJango Scam early last year, and Keith Schilling of On Top Results exposed LocalAdLink as a scam as well.

A website I found recently to do a quick search on a company/service is simply: “Is this a scam?

  • If you are wondering if an ad, email, or miracle cure is a scam? Ask them and see the results.

Do you have any sites or horror stories of social media scams? Please leave a comment.

Social Media Scams
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