Social Media Age Demographics for Facebook and Twitter

In researching how different age groups interact online, this well designed infographic explains user demographics for two of the world’s most popular social networks: Twitter and Facebook.

social media age demographics chart

Who Uses the Social Web?

- Most online interaction takes place on the social web (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) Here’s the age distribution across the social web:

0 – 17 : 15%
18 – 24 : 9%
25 – 34 : 18%
35 – 44 : 25%
45 – 54 : 19%
55 – 64 : 10%
65+ : 3%

Millennials: The Future of the Internet:

- Millennials, born between 1978 and 1994 (currently ages 16 – 32), were the first generation to be “raised” on the Internet and represent a substantial portion of Internet users. The millennial age cohort is expected to be as large, if not larger than the baby boomer generation.

How are Millennials Using the Internet?

75% – Created a social networking profile
62% – Used wireless Internet away from home
20% – Posted video online of themselves
14% – Use Twitter

23 Minutes – The average time millennials spend online each day.
59% of millennials get their news online.

Average Age of Social Network Users

  • The Average Social Network User is 37 Years old.
  • The Average LinkedIn User is 44 Years old.
  • The Average Twitter User is 39 Years old.
  • The Average Facebook User is 38 Years old.
  • The Average Bebo User is 28 Years old.

Facebook User Breakdown by Age:

13 – 17 : 11%
18 – 25 : 29%
26 – 34 : 23%
35 – 44 : 18%
45 – 54 : 12%
55+ : 7%

Age-Based Behavior on Facebook:

  • Teens has twice as many friends than users aged 30-40.
  • Teens make almost 3x as many wall posts as users aged 30-40.
  • Users in their early 20′s list the most activities in their profile of any group.
  • Younger people express more negative emotions, and swear more than older users. They use more personal pronouns and possessives (“I”, “My” etc.) and talk more about school.
  • Older people write longer updates, use more prepositions and articles, and talk more about other people, including their families.
  • Users aged 27 and 28 have the most uploaded photos, with an average of 510.
  • Users in their 40′s upload about as many photos as those in their 20′s, but are tagged in photos 281% less.

Twitter User Breakdown by Age:

13 – 17 : 4%
18 – 25 : 13%
26 – 34 : 30%
35 – 44 : 27%
45 – 54 : 17%
55+ : 9%

Age-Based Behavior on Twitter:

  • 85% of users 18 – 24 follow friends.
  • More users aged 18 – 24 follow celebrities (54%) than follow family members (29%).
  • Teens don’t user Twitter as much as adults because the service is more about connecting to contacts and brands than interacting with friends.
  • Since more adults already use Twitter, more adults are inclined to try it out, so it remains primarily an adult network.


Social Media Age Demographics for Facebook and Twitter
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10 Responses to “Social Media Age Demographics for Facebook and Twitter”

  1. Ann says:

    Interesting statistics, but is it possible to cite your source?

  2. Roy says:

    Hi Ann, the infographic provides the sources in the bottom right section of the image.

  3. tech tips says:

    Interesting stuff.. I had sort of noticed some of the facts (i.e. No of friends for specific age groups etc) so it sort of reinforced what I had imagined… Cheers for the post..

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  5. Millennials were born 1982-2000 per everything from Wikipedia to Neil Howe, the leading expert on Generations. Being a Millennial, I can tell you we’re GLUED to social media, checking it on our smart phones as often as every few minutes. Considering you didn’t offer an option more than “once per day” I’m hesitant to rely on any of your data.

  6. Pao Sanchez says:

    Hola me podrías decir a qué país se refieren estos números, o es a nivel mundial?

  7. Roy says:

    Hola Pao, Estas cifras se basan en los datos de todo el mundo.

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  9. Alma says:

    Hi Roy,
    Could you tell me please which is the reference of the average age of Facebook please? I read in many sites that is 38 years old but in others that the 38 years old is just for the American Facebook users.
    Please I hope you can help me because I’m working on my dissertation and I’m getting confused with this fact. Thanks!

  10. Roy says:


    These stats are for the average age of a Facebook user in the USA. Hope this helps in your research.

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