Search Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn from one location

Explained as “the search bar for your life,” Greplin allows users to to search across your social graph. Greplin CEO Daniel Gross, who is 19 years old, came up with the idea while he was on his way to a party in 2009. He couldn’t remember where it was and needed to search through Gmail and Facebook, separately, to find the address a friend sent him.

Addressing the problem of when someone is searching for a message from a friend, a link to a video, blog post, or a digital invitation to a party, Greplin can find that content whether it is in their Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account.

As TechCrunch points out: There are some really nice touches to the product. Search results are shown before you hit enter, much like Google’s instant search product, and you can also filter by a variety of message types and sources (by people, for example, or Facebook).

Greplin currently indexes:
  • Gmail (not gTalk Chats)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Facebook (your profile, events, notes, messages, friends, news feed and wall posts)
  • Twitter (your tweets, timeline and direct messages)
  • Dropbox (titles and filenames only)
  • LinkedIn (your status updates, contacts)
  • Evernote*
  • Google Apps Mail*
  • Google Apps Calendar*
  • Google Apps Docs*
  • Yammer*

With Google recently releasing Social Search, Search Engine Journal points out that:

Google has thrown its hat into the social networks ring. With social networks growing and expanding wildly, Google has decided to get its share of the action. It all started with the launch of Google’s Social Search as a beta for English speaking users. Social Search was previously in the Google Labs section. It displays its results at the bottom of the search window, and searches based on your list of contacts in Google, for relevant information to the topic you are currently researching.

It then posts whatever photos, posts, blogs or links the people in your social network have posted on your topic. An added feature allows your friends photos that relate to your topic to be published.

In a major update, Google has almost completely overhauled the Social Search network. The company has added Twitter, Flickr, and Quora to its servers, integrating all the information available on all those websites into one place. Now Social Search results will appear anywhere in the listing according to search relevance. Annotations will let you know when someone from your social circle has posted any kind of information relevant to your search, and on which website it was posted.

Mashable weighs in on Google’s Social Search by adding:

The first major change is that Google Social Search results will no longer appear only at the bottom of the page, but will instead be “blended” throughout the page. This is done through an annotation system that lets you know when a friend has shared a specific link or search result. If your friend writes a blog about how to create honey, that result will have an annotation that your friend has “shared this,” either via Google or through one of Google’s three major social integrations.

If you want to give Greplin a try I have 5 invites to give to the first five people who leave a comment.

Search Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn from one location
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7 Responses to “Search Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn from one location”

  1. Tim Pacileo says:

    It looks like social search is a hot topic and Roy has a nice write up on Greplin, however I think there are few more search engines one should review to see whats out there and which one is a best fit for your specifc use. I just sent out a newsletters on Google Social Search and Bings new Bing Bar. This info is also in my blog as well as my comments on 10 social search engine tools which includes Greplin – you can see these recent write ups at and the software write up at . I would appreciate any comments or feedback and please thank Roy for doing such a great job on Greplin

    Social Network Engineer and Executive Advisor

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  3. ilana says:


    This looks fantastic and what a time saver!

    Since I’m the 2nd comment on the post, please send me my beta invite so I can try it…how exciting.


  4. Candice says:

    I can see the benefit of this service for potential job seekers as well as businesses. I would love a bets invite to test drive it

  5. Mark says:

    I wonder whether FB or Google will buy it to incorporate into their own search features…they both have billions to spend

  6. Dallin Smith says:

    This looks awesome. I love the idea. Any chance there’s an invite left? I’d love to try it out.

  7. mark kaplan says:

    I use to broadcast my posts to several twitter accounts, google to search info and I check into linked in every day to read up and post a status. I also post to my Google + account. Efficiency would be a great thing.

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