Plain Language & Your Marketing Message

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Using Plain Language to Increase Profits

“Plain language is the use of proven writing and design strategies that make it easy for your intended audience to understand and use your information.” – Deborah S. Bosley

After attending a recent Big Council meeting, Deborah S. Bosley, Ph.D., and Principal in The Plain Language Group, presented a variety of strategies for decreasing “communication confusion” by creating/displaying written information in plain language. This concept, basic at its core, is ever-so important in this socially responsible era where brands need to be clear in their messaging. Plain language makes it easy for people to do business with you — directly resulting in increased profits and trust in your company.

Using Plain Language in your Marketing Message

How does language affect your bottom line? Stated plainly: people are 84% more likely to trust companies that use jargon-free language. In the world of Internet Marketing acronyms are common jargon. From CPC to PPC to SMM to SEO, we sometimes forget that our readers do not always know what you know (content), understand words/vocabulary (define), know what to do (process), or feel comfortable (emotionally) especially with new information.

Direct Benefits for your Marketing Materials:

  • improves communication
  • builds trust
  • saves time & money
  • more likely to be read / responded to
  • clarifies issues / fewer questions
  • tells readers what they want to know

Memorable quotes:

Complex writing makes smart people look dumb.

No one ever complained that a company’s information was too easy to understand!

Sell customers what they need, not what you want them to buy.

Communicate unto others as they would communicate to themselves.

As Stuart Foster states; established and recognized brands have pre-existing beliefs, feelings and ideas around them. After all, they’ve spent millions of dollars pushing their message on consumers to think a certain way about their company.

What makes you think you can change perception without a conversation strategy and creative concepts acting on behaviors?

Solution: Simplify your messaging, offerings and marketing. If someone can’t grasp the basic concept of what your brand stands for in 140 characters? It’s time to get out some scissors.

Expect your content to be remixed, just make sure it doesn’t lose its meaning and power.

How do you use language in your marketing materials? What businesses use plain language well?

I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil – Truman Capote

Plain Language & Your Marketing Message
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