Mobile Internet Security and Jackie Chan

Internet Security

One of the off-marketing topics that I am often asked is: how can I make my network more secure? Many times this conversation will lead into mobile device security. I predict 2010 will be the year networking engineers take internet security on mobile devices and the social web seriously.

Do you really know what is on the other side of that twitter link?

Mobile Security

With malware news results at an all time high and One in 63 Smartphones Infected by Mobile Spyware and Malware, it’s time to take security risks seriously with your mobile device. Self-propagating worms and Trojan horses in mobile telephones are the main concern. Safety in mobile is only going to get worse with the proliferation of smart devices and applications expanding the attack surface. This year threats to the systems of the iPhone and Android are tested and taken seriously.

Smartphone Spyware

One of the biggest threats are malicious phone attacks, where mobile device malware can delete or steal confidential information, send mass SMS and MMS messages from infected phones. Other attacks may dial premium rate numbers without your knowledge and/or transfer malicious code to a PC once a connection is established.

So how can you protect your smartphone?

My preferred internet and mobile security company I recommend is Kaspersky. (affiliate link)

Seriously though – who better then Jackie Chan to take cyber-security to the next level?

I would love to hear if you have even thought of or talked about mobile security yet?

Mobile Internet Security and Jackie Chan
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