Mobile Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Smartphones & Smarter Shoppers

Internet commerce changed how we do business, and now the rapid expansion of mobile is morphing the retail environment again.

Thanks to their mobile phones, consumers can get information to help with purchase decisions at the touch of a button, whether they’re shopping online or in-store. Here’s what you need to know to reach these new shoppers and those joining their ranks every day.


Ways to Shop:

  • Scan a tag (or qr code)
  • Call a friend
  • View a website
  • Use an app

Methods to gather information:

  • Discuss on a social network
  • Read a review
  • Make shopping lists
  • Compare different products
  • Collect loyalty points
  • Read more info
  • Join an online chat
  • View store location using maps
  • Look up location specific coupons
  • Benefit with others using group deals

Forms of Payment

  • Pay using phone number
  • Buy in store
  • Pay using card on phone
  • Pay online

Mobile Shopping Breakdown

  • 10% don’t have a mobile phone
  • 40% don’t shop using a mobile
  • 40% are light mobile shoppers – have a narrow outlook towards mobile with regards to shopping and see their phone primarily as a mini computer.
  • 10% are heavy mobile shoppers – love their phone & are really into mobile shopping. They do everything on their phones: share photos, check news, download music & shop.

Shopping Habits Changing:

  • World eCommerce sales in 2009 = $210 billion online; $1.2 billion via mobile.
  • Predicted 2015 world eCommerce sales = $14 trillion online, $119 billion via mobile.
Mobile Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]
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