Internet Marketing Spring Break Entry

My friend Jon Payne over at Ephricon is offering a FREE ticket to this year’s IM Spring Break Conference in Florida.

Since I am single and can make plans on the spur of the moment – I thought: let’s do this!

Since you and I shared a meal I thought this could be a great way to pay you back, with my personal notes from this years’ conference – which is sure not to belly flop with a great speaker lineup (David Snyder,  Jordan Kasteler, Loren Baker to name a few) and I’m sure great pool weather where I would certainly enjoy a #9 (One of my top-5 favorites).

So here it is Jon – Hook me up!

Internet Marketing Spring Break Entry
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2 Responses to “Internet Marketing Spring Break Entry”

  1. [...] Roy! Roy made his case on his blog, and offered the incentive of providing my with his personal notes from the event.  That enticed [...]

  2. Roy says:

    Looks like I’m headed to Florida. Any requests?

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