Inside the Panthers #Purrsuit – A Social Media Competition

On October 23, social media enthusiasts will fan out across Charlotte for The Panthers Purrsuit, a clever social media event presented by The Carolina Panthers and real-estate firm Allen Tate.

The event is a one-day, citywide social media challenge. Contestants will follow clues to check-in points and complete tasks ranging from simple to absurd, all while interacting with each other and friends on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare and other sites.

I caught up with Scott Hepburn, creator of the event, to get the story:

RM: First things first: Why would anyone want to play in The Panthers Purrsuit?

For starters, we’ve got some sweet prizes. Grand prize is a trip for two – including tickets, airfare and lodging – to see the Panthers take on the Steelers in Pittsburgh. There’s tons of Panthers gear, gift cards, and other cool prizes, too.

The Purrsuit is a one-of-a-kind event, and that’s a draw, too. No other city or NFL team has done anything like this. Scavenger hunts have been done, but nothing on this scale. The challenges are truly interactive, the sponsors are diving in from a social perspective, and contestants will have a chance to use over a dozen social and mobile apps. We’re shooting for a new type of social media experience.

RM: Where’d the idea for the Panthers Purrsuit come from?

Growing up, I was a fan of road rallies. Teams would navigate from point to point and visit historic landmarks, local businesses or locations to “check in” with race officials. The Purrsuit takes that concept and updates it with today’s social media angle. It’s a truly interactive event – a community event.

RM: How did the Panthers and Allen Tate get involved?

I’ve known Mike Mahoney of the Panthers for years via  – yeah, you guessed it – Twitter. Mike and I were catching up over coffee and I told him about this harebrained idea I was considering. He loved it. He asked me to pitch it to the Panthers, and it was a perfect fit.

Allen Tate is a Panthers corporate partner. They loved the idea, too. Their agents are passionate about social media and how they can use it to help home buyers and sellers. The entire organization has gotten involve in The Panthers Purrsuit, and their social media coordinator Genevieve Jooste has been a huge champion of the event.

RM: Any hints about the check-in spots or challenges.

30 LEGO kits. A giant chicken suit. Two superheroes stuck in a car wash. A rap battle. That’s all I’m gonna say.

RM: Seriously?

Chicken suit, Roy. Giant chicken suit.

RM: Okay…where do I sign up?

Register at The Panthers Purrsuit is a two-person team competition, so find a partner. The more team spirit, enthusiasm, and rockstar fandom you display, the better. Good luck!

Inside the Panthers #Purrsuit – A Social Media Competition
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  1. Mike Mahoney says:

    thanks Roy for the interest and a great write-up! We are excited!

  2. Roy says:

    Hey Mike, My pleasure. Looking forward to the Purrsuit.

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