Facebook Hits Half-A-Billion Users

Facebook’s meteoric rise to building a user base of over 500 Million users has come to fruition in under 7 years. Consistently being ranked as the top social networking site the Washington Post provides comment on the milestone:

In its six-year history, the site has become ritualized in our daily lives. It has even attracted the unwilling who join for fear of being cut out of the social fabric. It has connected old friends and family. It has helped make and break political campaigns and careers. It has turned many of us into daily communicators of one-line missives on the profound and mundane. And it has tested the limits of what we care to share and keep private.

The half-billion-member-mark can’t be understated. To put the number into perspective, the population inhabiting Facebook now equals that of the United States, Japan and Germany combined. Or, two Mexicos and a Brazil. The universe of Facebook membership is less than half the population of India, but in the last year the social networking Internet site has doubled in size.

Facebook Worldwide User Growth

If you look at the Worldwide growth of the social networking platform, you can see that we were celebrating 400 Million users back in February of this year, Three months after the network had reached 350 Million members.

Now it’s highly unlikely that Facebook will reach the 1 Billion mark this year, but “it is almost a guarantee that it will happen,” according to The Guardian. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explained: “If we succeed [in innovating and remaining relevant] there is a good chance of bringing this to a billion people… it will be interesting to see how it plays out.”

So, Congratulations to Facebook for reaching this historic milestone.

Facebook Hits Half-A-Billion Users
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  1. John Buller says:

    Can’t wait for the movie to come out October 1st.

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