Ecommerce 2010

Would you believe that in this day and age of social commerce and instant payments, eCommerce only accounts for 5% of all retail sales? Because e-commerce is so big and still growing, it’s easy to forget that e-commerce is actually a very very small part of actual commerce in the United States.

Less Than 5% Of Purchases Happen Online

The infographic created by Milo; a startup that checks the inventory of real world stores to tell you whether products are in stock or not, points out that: The Bulk of Shopping Still Takes Place in Store.

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true–less than 5% of retail sales are actually done online! The rest still happen on Main Street, at the mall, and at the big-box retailer down the road. So how does the Internet come in handy? It’s perfect for doing research before you hit the road so you know exactly what you want and where to get it.

With the Internet turning 25 year’s old this month, It’s good to know that there still lies a tremendous opportunity for people to sell items online.

Ecommerce 2010
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