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Search Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn from one location

Explained as “the search bar for your life,” Greplin allows users to to search across your social graph. Greplin CEO Daniel Gross, who is 19 years old, came up with the idea while he was on his way to a party in 2009. He couldn’t remember where it was and needed to search through Gmail and Facebook, separately, to [...]

How Google’s Search Engine Really Works

Google, the multinational Internet search technologies corporation, hosts and develops numerous Internet-based services and products, and generates profit primarily from advertising has responded to the EU’s antitrust investigation.

Google SEO Starter Guide Updated

Google offers insights into how webmasters can improve their website’s performance in Google. Google has published an updated version of their SEO Starter Guide this week and it’s loaded with information for beginners.

Welcome to

This is my first official blog post on my domain name. I am an Internet Marketing Agency President in Charlotte, NC at Command Partners – I have been helping clients for over a decade and love the challenges companies face in today’s ever-changing Internet marketing landscape. I hope to keep this blog full of things [...]

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