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The State of Global Crowdfunding

Over $60,000 an hour is raised using Crowdfunding

How Running a Startup Has Changed in the Past 5 Years [INFORGRAPHIC]

Running a startup has changed significantly over the past 5 years. With new technology challenging today’s business owners.

How Mobile and Social Media Drive News Consumption

The age of mobile, in which people are connected to the web wherever they are, arrived in earnest. More than four in ten American adults now own a smartphone. One in five owns a tablet. New cars are manufactured with internet built in. With more mobility comes deeper immersion into social networking.

Google Advertising Calls to Action

I was recently the target of a clever advertisement for Google’s comprehensive display advertising offerings via LinkedIn. Compelled to click through, the dynamic ad compared 2 buttons side by side, with separate calls to action asking you to simply vote for your favorite. Once you submit your choice the interactive ad displays real-time results on Americas favorite button choices. The results [...]

North Carolina, A Top State for Business

North Carolina: A Top State for Business in 2012 Last year I blogged about North Carolina being ranked in the top 5 states for entrepreneurs and am proud that the state I have built my business in is now in the top 3 states for business in the United States. Yes, I’m biased because I have [...]

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