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ESPN adds Tilt’s Crowdfunding Technology to it’s Fantasy Football App

ESPN has launched a new feature to integrate open source crowdfunding technology called Tilt open for group payments allowing fantasy football players to pay their dues and fees for their online leagues directly through the sports network’s Fantasy Football Web and mobile apps. In a Wall Street Journal Interview, Tilt CEO James Beshara told Venture [...]

How To Make Mobile Marketing More Personalized

Social networking websites like Facebook and Google use personal data and account information to provide relevant advertisements in turn for better services for their users. That same need for personalization in mobile experiences has now arrived, but few companies are are delivering on customers expectations.

Holiday Shopping Goes Digital

Online shopping will break more records in 2012. E-commerce is quickly catching up to brick-and-mortar shopping and the importance of digital marketing has never been more important for retailers. The infographic below shows online shopping predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Thanksgiving Day Weekend Shopping 226 million consumers visited stores and shopped online, up [...]

Digital Journalism – How News is Sourced with Social Media

Social media is replacing traditional journalism as a news source and the feedback was interesting. Look deeper at how mobile and social media drive news consumption the information begins to add up.

Word of Mouth Marketing Offline and Online

From toothpaste to travel, there’s one thing that influences purchase decisions more than any other source: word of mouth. We like to talk. And while we talk a lot about the usual stuff, our friends, family and careers, we talk a surprising amount about products and services.

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