7 Tips for Social Media Marketing from DELL

social media dellIn a recent interview with Clickz, Rishi Dave, executive director of online marketing for Dell’s Public and Large Enterprise Business Unit talk about some of Dell’s success online including B2B social media marketing outreach.

His global responsibility is to implement public and large enterprise marketing strategies for Dell.com, social media, communities, and Dell’s Premier portal, discussed seven of the main tenets (philosophies, goals, attributes) of Dell’s social media approach:

  1. Start with your goals and strategies overall.
  2. Develop a content strategy to support your goals.
  3. Identify and listen to existing conversations.
  4. Empower and encourage your internal organizations to participate.
  5. Create and cultivate conversations and communities where your customers and employees are.
  6. Incent participants to create, and share great content.
  7. Measure your success and adjust your strategy.

Much of Rishi’s insight is universal and of course can be applied to any social media marketing effort. If you want to hear more from Rishi you can follow him on Twitter @rishiatdell.

7 Tips for Social Media Marketing from DELL
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