25 Websites That Changed the Internet

It was 25 years ago today – March 15, 1985, that the first dot-com domain name: Symbolics.com appeared on the Internet, ushering in the commercial age of the World Wide Web. Globally, .com and .net domain names are still the most popular accounting for more than half of the 200 million domain names registered worldwide. With 99.9% of the Internet’s growth occurring in the past 15 years, I congratulate the commercial Internet on hitting your 25th birthday; you’re just starting to enter the prime of your working years.

Here is my list of 25 sites that changed the Internet. (In no particular order)

  1. AOL
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Google
  4. Pirate Bay
  5. Geocities
  6. Webcrawler
  7. Amazon
  8. Ebay
  9. Paypal
  10. WordPress
  11. Facebook
  12. Youtube
  13. Craigslist
  14. Yahoo
  15. Myspace
  16. Twitter
  17. Adobe
  18. Pandora
  19. The Drudge Report
  20. ESPN
  21. CNN
  22. Digg
  23. Napster
  24. Weather.com
  25. Godaddy

Attack this list all you want, but these sites however big or small: changed the Internet, mostly for good, in substantial ways. Did I leave any out?

25 Websites That Changed the Internet
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  2. You didn’t leave any out – but you did put Facebook down twice ;) (11 & 15)

  3. Roy says:

    Updated, thanks :)

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