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Social Profiling

Email service provider Exact Target recently released their social profile tool, based on social consumption and social contribution. The interactive tool introduces you to the 12 distinct consumer persona’s online. The ability to study this data and consumer behavior online allows you to get to know your audience based on their personalities, not just their age, gender and other demographics.

Facebook Hits Half-A-Billion Users

Facebook’s meteoric rise to building a user base of 500 Million users has come to fruition in under 7 years. Consistently being ranked as the top social networking site.

Top 10 Social Networking Websites for June 2010

As Facebook continues to dominate all social networking traffic, it’s interesting to note that Yahoo Profiles has completely dropped out of the Top 10 social networking websites.

The Facebook Economy

Facebook’s Economic Geography – Visual Economics created a really interesting map of what Facebook’s economy would look like if it were a landmass, representing app companies and pages by size, along with a few other interesting representations. The Facebook Economy There are 550,000+ apps that are used on Facebook. Seventy percent of users engage with apps [...]

Tweetons powers instant rewards and contests on Twitter

A key to any successful Twitter strategy is to gain interested followers, but this is often the hardest thing to do. Deals, discounts and prizes for your Twitter followers is one way to get them interested in you.

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