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Top 10 Social Networking Websites for May 2010

As Facebook and YouTube continue to dominate more and more of our browsing time online in the US, we are seeing the slow death of Myspace month after month. 6 months ago I questioned if Twitter was in trouble? – Today it’s easy to see that the site has plateaued and is declining in growth amongst American Internet [...]

5 Sites for Social Media News Aggregation

Most of the content on social media aggregators are freshly pulled from a wide variety of sources and can be a fountain of inspiration for anyone who is tired of blogging about the same things everyday.

Top 10 Social Networking Websites for April 2010

Not much change in the top 3 since last month’s top social networking sites, as Facebook continues to gain market share in the Unites States, growing steadily with over 53% US Market Share, Twitter has actually dropped in visitor traffic in the US. The largest drop in US Market Share of Visits in April was Myspace with over a 1% drop in traffic.

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