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International Social Media Strategy

With the growth of social media it’s easy to forget that social media marketing campaigns stretch far beyond the boarders of the United States. Twitter documented its growth as a “global information network” with a user base that’s geographically diverse. With 60% of registered Twitter accounts living outside the United States, we tend to think of [...]

Socialize Your Social Media Marketing Platform

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to managing your social media marketing efforts, Hootsuite is for the birds. Socialize Your Cause, a site dedicated to advocating and educating social media for nonprofits, just launched their free social media marketing platform, Converse. It was built for anyone looking to take their [...]

Top 10 Social Networking Websites – March 2010

Since last month’s post on the Top 10 Social Networking sites for February, it’s interesting to see Facebook now has over 50% market share and YouTube has now taken over Myspace as the second most popular social networking site based on US market share for visitors. Image source: MarketingCharts Tweet

Word of Mouth

Have you been searching for the best way to get you message out? Check out this clever dental advertisement I came across.

US Facebook Users By Age

Inside Facebook points out that: Facebook users still skew young, with younger adults being the single largest groups. The gender imbalance is still the same, with nearly 56% of users people who designate a gender self-identifying as female. Out of this mix, women between 18 and 25 and men between 35 and 44 racked up [...]

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