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All eyes on Facebook

Trust in your social networks With the first traffic reports of 2010 going live on compete today, we get a clear picture of engagement activities online with no surprise that Facebook is now the number two most popular site in the U.S., drawing nearly 134 Million Unique Visitors in January, 2010. At the current pace of adoption and [...]

Top 10 Twitter Trend Tools

Top 10 Twitter Trend Tools With the tremendous amount of user generated content, twitter is a gold mine for raw data and the ability to track emerging trends. As I watched the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver last night, it was interesting to watch this major events trend on twitter as the graph illustrates. From [...]

Social Media Scams

Social Media Scams One of the biggest concerns in social media is TRUST. As social media scams continue to plague networks, it relates to identity theft, brand hijacking, privacy issues, and the opportunity social media creates for criminals to “friend” their potential victims in order to create a false sense of trust and use that [...]

Social Media Skills – Typing Speed Test

Social Media Skills – Typing Speed Test Being more efficient with social media is a topic everywhere these days. Let’s take it back to basics to when you first began typing. Maybe it was on a typewriter? I know mine was, until I received my first computer the Macintosh LC II “pizza box” computer, circa 1992, and got [...]

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