12 Reasons Why We Like Brands on Facebook

With 40% of Facebook users who become fans of a brand do so to show their support of a company to their friends, according to recent study by ExactTarget. As consumers continue to use Facebook to interact with friends, be entertained and express themselves through their public affiliation with brands – these factors combine to create a potent viral marketing platform.

By engaging consumers on Facebook in a way that keeps them entertained, brands have an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize Fans and get introduced to their friends. “Facebook provides a unique opportunity for marketers to creatively connect with motivated audiences online,” said Tim Kopp, ExactTarget’s chief marketing officer.

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. consumers and three quarters of Millennials have created a profile on Facebook and the most common reason for using the site is to reconnect with old friends and friends who live far away (63%).

Other highlights from the study include:

*30 percent of consumers use Facebook to occupy their down time citing it as a “guilty pleasure,” and 31 percent say they monitor the amount of time spent on Facebook because of its addictive nature.

*Women are more likely than men to use Facebook for maintaining personal relationships (63 versus 54 percent), connecting with old friends (68 versus 56 percent) and managing their social lives (41 versus 34 percent).

*Consumers’ capacity for exposure to brand messages via Facebook is limited—half of all fans “like” only one to four brands and only 17 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to buy after becoming a “fan” on Facebook.

What has motivated you to follow a company, brand or association on Facebook?

  1. To receive discounts and promotions
  2. To show my support for the company to others
  3. To get a “freebie” (free samples, coupons)
  4. To stay informed about the activities of a company
  5. To get updates on future products
  6. To get updates on upcoming sales
  7. For fun or entertainment
  8. To get access to exclusive content
  9. Someone recommended it to me
  10. To learn more about the company
  11. For education about company topics
  12. To interact (share ideas, provide feedback)
12 Reasons Why We Like Brands on Facebook
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6 Responses to “12 Reasons Why We Like Brands on Facebook”

  1. Roy,

    Good data. I think it’s important that brands take this data for what it’s worth–a macro view–and consider their unique value prop to fans.

    Some never offer coupons. Some are unlikely to get people who want to brag about their fandom. So it’s unique for each. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Roy,
    Great recap of this study; thanks for writing this post. What I find interesting is that so few smaller businesses leverage these reasons when asking people to become fans. They resort to the rather banal “Find us on Facebook” message instead. Finding a company on Facebook didn’t make this top 10 list!

    Would be so much more powerful to have a message that says, “For insider info on our sales, follow us on Facebook,” or “Be the first to know about our upcoming product launches by following us on Facebook,” or whatever is applicable to what the company strategy is for their Facebook Page.


  3. Roy says:

    So very true Sabine. Thanks for the comment.

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  5. A year later, this data remains fairly consistent and the question of “How can businesses further capitalize on social?” remains relevant as well. In a survey released earlier this week, online marketers said that they will be spending more on social in 2012. However, those surveyed also cited SEO as their best source for lead generation. Both are crucial parts of a successful online plan nowadays so it will be very exciting to see how the importance of each landscape changes over time.

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